Venezualan Singer Norka Luque Believes in Miracles

Singer Norka Luque believes in Miracles, and believes that you should too. The beautiful singer has been training for and dreaming of a career in music ever since she was a little girl. Ever since she was a little girl, her parents supported her dreams, sending her to classes in dancing, inluding flamingo and ballet; piano lessons; and vocal classes, all while she continued to go to traditional academic classes.

Now the young beauty is finally able to reach for her dreams and devote herself to making a career out of singing. After receiving degrees in Business Administration, the Culinary Arts, and Fashion in France, her and her voice caught the attention of music producer Emilio Esfan Jr, who helped her to produce her album, Milagro. The song, Milago, which means translates to miracle is a positive and uplifting song that showcases the considerable talent of Norka Luque and the other creative talent on the album. Other talent includes composers Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo.

Her first single, “Como lo haces tu” which was released in 2011 helped her to win the award for Best Female Pop Artist at Primos Lo Nuestro 2011. She competed against stars such as Gloria Trevi and Sharkira, to win the award. As a result of the single she has been called the singer with a golden voice, and gained fans from around the globe.

The new song Milagro is already becoming a hit in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. It proves that Norka Luque is much more than just a one hit wonder, and that she can compete and sing with the best in the world.

Milagro features a sultry, Latin American style that combines Carribiean, Reggae, and Mediterain influnces which shows off the multicultural origin of the song. Combined with the positive message of the song, and the beautiful multicultural rhythms and melodies, the song is an uplifting hit that is quickly spreading around the globe.

Norka Luque is a positive, hopeful singer who believes in miracles, both extraordinary and everyday, and wants her listeners to have the same positive and hopeful outlook that she does. Combined with her incredible talent and determination, Luque is on track to become the next singing sensation to hit the Latin American musical world. With a hit song that has already charted on the Latin American Billboard music charts, Luque has nowhere to go but up.

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