Merger of DIVERSANT Inc With Info Technologies Forms DIVERSANT LLC

There are not that many great and successful companies in Information Technology (IT) staffing that are driven by people of color. Two of the best, Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc., both founded and operated by men of color, have merged to become a more powerful entity: DIVERSANT LLC. John Goullet started Info Technologies, which had grown to a $30 million company by 2010. Gene Waddy started DIVERSANT Inc., which was equally successful. The two men came together and decided the best way for both moving forward was to merge their two companies to join forces to grow much further.

The CEO of the combined DIVERSANT LLC is John Goullet. He plans to continue developing a company culture of working closely with promising candidates to get them ready to perfectly fit the many IT department positions their client companies need filled. Both men have long experience in the field and together they plan to build the company up to become a world-class headhunting enterprise. This means they will be stepping up their efforts to become the premier IT staffing company for the Fortune 500 companies, of which they already have many clients.

Goullet plans to diversify DIVERSANT LLC further. In his own company’s success had been noticed by Inc. Magazine, when they ranked Info Technologies as #8 on their list of companies that are the fastest growing in America. No doubt his road map going forward will be mapped out with the help of their new Board of Directors. The members of their board include seasoned veterans of business and technology. Cross Country Healthcare’s CEO, Steven M. Scopellite, is helping guide them, as well as Goldman Sachs’ Global CIO, Goldman Sachs’ Global CIO.

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