Brazilian Law Icon Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is one of the most respected nations when it comes to the law. Since the attainment of independence in the year 1822, the governing team passed the mandate to create an own working legal system. The law system was a blend between different nations for instance German, French, Italian and Portuguese. The recognition that Brazil has is also fueled by the fact that it has a large number of law schools that graduate law students every year. Since then, the graduates have shown the fruits of the efforts taken by the government. One of the success stories is Ricardo Tosto.


Ricardo Tosto is a renowned law officer in the country of Brazil. The personalities involved in his cases have earned him respect and influence in the country, and more so the success of his cases has made him gain recognition and credibility. He has been through high-profile cases. Ricardo started off with a small office handling law cases after he graduated from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a degree in Business Administration. The law firm started gaining popularity and growth to what is now the Leite, Tosto e Barros Avogadro’s law firm. It deals with business and corporate law. In an interview, Tosto was termed as a great litigation lawyer. Tosto‚Äôs success is the reason why judges and colleague lawyers refer people to him for his expertise.


Ricardo teamed up with some of the law graduates and formed the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research (IBEDEP) for research and to work as a unit. He involves himself with law firms and centers for research for instance Brazilian Bar Association. He has also been featured in worldwide magazines and other media platforms all over the world. Ricardo has been invited to various countries to address matters pertaining law to the public adding to his popularity.


It is the kind of people like Ricardo Tosto that are inducing significant advancement in the law sector.

Working Closely With a SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Back in 2010, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform was enacted by Congress to help protect the financial district from securities violations that were taking place. Also known as the Consumer Protection Act, this was considered to be the most sweeping complete overhaul of U.S. financial regulations in many decades. One of the off-shoots of this new regulation was a more strict whistleblower program that provided significant employee financial incentives for reporting possible violations to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) concerning federal securities laws.

One of the law firms that was at the forefront of advocating whistleblowers was Labaton Sucharow. This law firm went on to offer employees more protection from their employers concerning threats of losing the job. They did this by bringing in world-class investigators, global financial analysts, and professional forensic accountants with state and federal law enforcement experience for providing exceptional representation for those whistleblowers. The law firm is led by Jordan Thomas, former Assistant D.A. at the SEC. During his time at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thomas worked in the early development of the Whistleblower Program.

The reason employees began coming forward with information about securities fraud taking place in the workplace was they instantly became eligible for a whistleblowers reward of 10-30% of collected actions that exceeded $1 million. If that threshold is met, the whistleblowers could be eligible for even more awards based upon sanctions collected in other actions brought by separate law enforcement and regulatory organizations. The Dodd-Frank Act prevents any retaliation by the employer against those whistleblowers who file a complaint to the SEC. Importantly, whistleblowers are now able to report securities violations anonymously if they are properly represented by a lawyer. Learn more:

In the past, these securities violations were easy to conceal because the employer would simply intimate the employee t the point they were fearful of losing their job. Today, the SEC Whistleblower Program allows these employees to not only file a report anonymously, they stand to be rewarded handsomely if the party is charged and convicted. No longer would intimidation tactics that made it near impossible to perform on the job be effective with the SEC plan in place. The Securities and Exchange Commission is utilizing this program to combat securities fraud from the inside, allowing those employees in the know to bring to light fraud that is costing every investor by way of increased securities transaction fees and maintenance changes.