Angie Koch, U.S. Money Reserve CEO, Earns Contributor Profile On The Huffington Post

The US Money Reserve, which was founded in 2001, has grown to be one of the world’s top distributors of gold, silver, and platinum legal tender products in the private sector.

Recently Angela “Angie” Koch, the CEO of the United States Money Reserve was awarded a contributor profile at The Huffington Post and will be supplying content on a regular basis in blog-form on their contributor platform. As a world-renowned multimedia provider and first online news outlet to win a Pulitzer Prize, The Huffington Post contributor profiles are highly desired among top industry leaders.

According to, while occupying the role of chief executive officer of the US Money Reserve, Koch supervises every facet of the organization. She has raised the bar and set the standard on culture and the pace for the entire enterprise. Creating a plethora of opportunities for others and value for the operation has been her long term motivation, both professionally and personally.

Koch plans on sharing her deep knowledge of running a successful business, unique strategies, and everyday operations with The Huffington Post’s visitors each and every month. The Huffington Post gets roughly 79 million unique visitor’s every month, so the reach is incredible.

Insider’s say that Koch will utilize The Huffington Post platform as an annex of her industry knowledge base and use the platform to give advice on business and leadership as well as to cover topics on wealth management and culture. The amount of information you can obtain from reading these posts is insurmountable and covers many topics that you simply cannot learn from any other source than real world experience.

Koch’s first post which was entitled “Three Ways the Political Conventions Empowered Women“, she explored the noteworthy points in both the 2016 Democratic National Convention and 2016 Republican National Convention that helped to inspire both female leaders and women in general.