Letters Prove Securus Technologies’ Unmatched Efforts in the Correctional Industry

In October 2016, Securus Technologies, a leader in the provision of criminal and civil justice technology for correctional facilities published comments from their esteemed clients. In the comments, the customers commended the company for their unmatched technologies that have helped solve and prevent crime. Most of the comments came from correctional officials tasked with solving and preventing crimes to ensure safe and secure incarceration experience.


In a statement, Rick Smith, Securus Technologies CEO said that the company strives to ensure they avail a new technology to law enforcement and correctional facilities on a weekly basis. He also said that their efforts in solving crimes are manifested in the letters and emails insisting that ensuring safety is part of their DNA.


Some of the Comments


In the letters, correctional facilities recognized Securus Technologies for offering assistance in arresting contraband cell phones in prisons. Another group appreciated the firm for their phone recording technologies that had helped them arrest alcohol users, drug users, and drug sellers within the correctional facilities. One letter was unique as it didn’t not only appreciate the company for what they had done, but also for their commitment towards developing better software in the future to better incarceration experience.


Several sheriff departments also recognized Securus Technologies’ LBS software. Through this software, the sheriff department managed to catch millions in illegal assets, cash, and drugs. Technologies that allow listening to inmate-inmate calls were also appreciated for their role in solving some cases.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is an American company providing technology services to correctional facilities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The firm has its headquarters in Texas and several regional offices. Currently, the company served over 2,600 correctional facilities serving over 1,200,000 million inmates. The company has been honored severally for offering the best prison technologies in the country. As a manifestation of their effort in improving incarceration experience, Securus Technologies has invested over $600 million in acquisitions, technologies, and patents.


Securus Technologies Raises the Bar in a Challenging Field

The field of inmate communications services is full of unique regulatory and security challenges that are difficult for general communications providers to facilitate. Securus Technologies has been developing innovative solutions in this area for over two decades and continues to drive new ways of serving these unique populations.

Securus recently rolled out an automated form service to go along with its other communications options. The automated forms will save on costs of paper and printing for correctional facilities and allow inmates to submit requests and complaints in a convenient, easy manner. Facilities can easily customize their own forms and control their submission chain. After forms are submitted, they can be approved and processed online, and inmates can easily check the status of their request or concern.

The technology company is already responsible for inmate communications across the company. They provide email, voice mail, phone, and video visitation services to inmates and their families, making valued connections feasible under challenging circumstances.

Securus’ high customer rating indicates that it has already met the security and regulatory challenges inherent in correctional facilities. It is natural to expect that their new service will continue to provide the high-quality connections inmates have come to value in Securus products.