Doe Deere Loves Working on Lime Crime

Cosmetics play a huge role in the life of a girl. Women use make-up to express themselves in the workplace, their love life, and when they are out on the town. Women everywhere want high-quality make-up that also presents new opportunities to express yourself. For many years, make-up companies would present women with extremely limited options in the cosmetics aisle. Women were limited to several shades of red and traditional eyeliner. These options were great for traditional women, but many women felt left in the dust. Doe Deere noticed the lack of options for women around the world and decided she wanted to do something.

Doe Deere grew up in New York City. Living in the city exposed her to numerous female role models, and she aspired to do her part to change lives for women. When Doe grew up she moved to Los Angeles and began her Lime Crime project.

Doe recruited top cosmetologists from throughout Los Angeles. These make-up experts had years of experience working with women. They knew that women want to look their best, but they also wanted to fully express themselves. These cosmetic experts felt they had limited options, so they worked with Doe Deere to launch the Lime Crime movement.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company like no other. The company wants women to live their lives out loud, so they produce makeup in many different colors. These beautiful colors allow women to truly enjoy life and the way they look. Their makeup has become incredibly successful, and the Velvetines line is especially popular. Lime Crime has a reputation for creating top-quality products.

Doe cares deeply about animals, and she wanted her products to be animal safe. Every Lime Crime product is vegan-friendly, as announced on their Facebook, meaning that there are no animal products within the cosmetics. They do not test any product on animals. Doe is proud of her company’s commitment to animal welfare.

Lime Crime is changing the way people perceive cosmetics. They are making makeup fun and expressive again, and they are doing it in a morally sound way. Doe Deere believes that Lime Crime will continue on for years to come.