Nathaniel Ru: Changing The Face of Fast Food

If there is one thing that could be said about fast food, it is that it has a reputation for being unhealthy. A lot of people like to eat at fast food restaurants. However, they go mostly for the taste and not as much for the health benefits. Nathaniel Ru has seen the fast food industry and has decided to make some needed changes to it. He has helped with the founding of Sweetgreen, which is a fast food restaurant that offers healthy meals. Sweetgreen is changing the way the fast food industry is run in many different ways.


One of the ways that Sweetgreen is making the needed changes to the fast food industry is that it is offering organic and locally sourced ingredients. This is keeping people wanting to visit the restaurants. For one thing, people are becoming more aware of the health benefits that come with eating healthier foods. People are also becoming more interested in healthy eating. This is why Sweetgreen is such a draw to the patrons of the restaurant. People not only get to enjoy many of the different great tasting salads, but they also get to enjoy some new types of meals.


As Sweetgreen expands, more people will find places to eat healthy food at a low price. One of the common traits of fast food restaurants is that they are very inexpensive in some cases. For instance, people could take advantage of the value menu. The idea of eating food that provide a lot of health and energy to customers while saving them a lot of money is something that has a lot of allure for the customer. This is one of the reasons that Sweetgreen is quickly gaining success.


Health is a very important aspect of life. It is very important for people to get all of the nutrients they need. A lack in nutrients could not only have a physical effect on a person, but also a mental and emotional effect on the person. Sweetgreen will make sure that people have food that will make them healthier and happier. With the success of Sweetgreen, people will soon be presented with greater options when it comes to food.